Libya's Slavery Trade (CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY)

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Dear Human Beings,

Last Month, the World has been shocked and noticed that African people were sold at auctions all across Libya for approximately $400. This is a crime against humanity, and towards the strong, amazing, and welcoming people of Africa. 

On Wednesday, December 6th,  political leaders from Libya, France, Germany, Chad and Niger and four other countries agreed on a plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stuck in Libyan detention camps.

Why is this happening?

It is because due to Libya's political, financial, social, and security instability.  Libya is the main transit point for refugees and migrants trying to reach Europe by sea. Did you know that In fact, it is estimated that 150,000 people have made the dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. 


Join my movement, and sign this petition to not only end modern-day slavery in Libya but all across the continent of Africa. A Libya has taken action, but very limited due to the political instability in the region.   However, this is a wake-up call, to remind the people of this world, that African people are not being only sold as slaves in Libya, rather all across the continent. Who is it to blame??  these "Dreamers" are looking for a better future, a future filled with opportunities for hope, education, health, security, and economic prosperity.

I am calling on All European Nations, to take action, and play a key role due to the fact that Africa and its people could have had a continent that is well-off,  but due to colonization, this has befouled Africa. 

Africa, and it's people, whom are filled with energy, will combat this. I am calling on all people, no matter their ethnicity, background, culture, religion, or who they love, to end this today, and to join this movement, and sign this petition!

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