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Let’s put an end to human trafficking/slavery of women and men from Africa to Europe

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Third world countries are subjected to a lot of problems, We suffer illnesses, hunger, bad economy, poverty, no education or even if there if it’s very little with very poor standards and so many other things. Now adding to it is this slave trade/human trafficking. This didn’t just start now, it has been happening for a long time now, there are so many cases of poor young girls that were deceived into embarking on a journey outside Nigeria or Africa legally that would change their lives so they could help their families instead they are pushed through the Saharan desert illegally to go and be prostituting in Europe especially Spain, Greece e.t.c and Libya is always the link between Africa and Europe that is used  for this horrific act. A good number of the females or males die during this journey to outside Africa due to starvation, brutality e.t.c. In so many cases the females are raped by the people transporting them. And when they get to their destination, they have to prostitute to make up their money before they can be released.we need to put more interest in the lives of the people in third world countries because we are human beings too and we suffer gruesome acts from our government, our economy e.t.c. I feel like there should be another means in which money and resources are sent to the people without passing through the government because Africa government are extremely corrupt.

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