Legalize Sovereignty-of-No-Land Civil-People-Nations (to counter geopolitical oppressions)

Legalize Sovereignty-of-No-Land Civil-People-Nations (to counter geopolitical oppressions)

April 23, 2021
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Attorney General Kamala Harris and 23 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by DAYPLA Corporation

Petition started by [DAYPLA Corporation ] [in current editing, as usual]

People in crisis:  (and other beings and identities if you prefer)

Civil people of: Myanmar/Burma, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Uyghur, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, N/S Korea, Japan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Mexico, United States of America, Catalonia, many areas in Africa, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Antarctica, also those inhabiting extraterrestrial artifacts or natural soil, Moon, Mars, deep space, anywhere, if to include unmanifested facts and future risks.

Instances: human rights violation under oppression, military violence, confinement, forced institutionalization, in risk of invasion, siege or eviction, applying for refugee, asylum, etc.


The problem: 

Under political, economic, social systems of forcible geopolitical dominance (such as in a country or region, whether pan-global or domestic) overriding people’s basic human rights, millions or billions of people of various backgrounds are: oppressed, victimized, imprisoned; are forced to labour, forced into submissive education to comply with systems of domination; face risk or encounter genocide of mind or body; are either controlled or eliminated on/from the face of land. 

This systemic domination of people by geo-political sovereignty is supported in part, due to the fact that modern legality bases/grounds sovereign human/civil rights upon man(institution)-made ”de facto natural laws", which are constituted by de facto relations governing territorial domain/attributes of possession/ownership and their people, i.e., adjustments/communications/agreed negotiations with the governing territorial dominance, as the underlying status quo to be obliged.  

Though not all geopolitical sovereignties and their dominance override democracy and human rights, we have knowledge that any sovereignty with substantial power has inherent risk of violation, in varying scopes of severity. So, let us first focus and prioritize on the seriousness of individual issues, though varying views on priority may exist.  

Historically, domains of sovereign bodies, such as tribe settlements, colonies, city-states, dominions, kingdoms, empires etc., have exercised certain legitimate "sovereign" control over its people, whether they, the subjectified, are alienated or not. Such power structure is even more systemic where the context of rule combines with cultural, customary, and/or religious rule, and resides into the psychology of the given society under influence of the "sovereign" domain. Here is where a certain “home-land” notion emerge as the psychological basis for legal ground (or social legitimization) for a certain civil-individual consisting with its set of human rights, and also, such group-sovereignty is commonly expected to be unique and exclusive. 


The proposed solution:

Legalize Sovereignty-of-No-Land Civil-People-Nations(SNL-CPN). This will empower and give ground to people in oppression to work to build a stable livelihood, no matter the location of the habitat, on move or stay. 

This scheme has to go in tandem with (support for) advancements in macro and micro border-transcendent systems of: livelihood society, economy and logistics. 

The contemporary world is going through a transition where such systems are becoming more inter-dependent (yet respecting diverse independent autonomies) among wider/deeper ecologies/ecosystems. Such inter-dependencies may be more robust, flexible and sustainable, if the systems design of entity relations supports loose coupling architectures.

Aspects of inter-dependency may be that of manufacture, or of natural constitutions(includes local and pan-local conservations of ecosystems), where metabolic interaction and exchange taking place on outer(macro) and inner(micro) directions in various levels. 

Such change and advancements in border-transcendent systems may likely spread after some time lag, trailing after the globalization of information and social media on the net.


Some details of legitimization:

▪ Civil group of people(or beings) can proclaim independent self-governing state(s) with out occupying a territory as its necessary component of sovereignty(SNL-CPN).

▪ Such Declarations of independence(in some cases, from geo-space territoriality) are the act and exercise of basic human(and x-uman) freedom and rights, where such freedom should be guaranteed to the fullest extent by fellow entities and beings. However it is not at all mandatory for fellow entities and beings to recognize the effectiveness of a certain state(territorial or not), against the deciding entity’s free will and intentions. 

▪ Forcible recognition of such states, and territorial states alike, against people and fellow entities should not be legitimate.

▪ If the declared SNL-CPN satisfies some certain set of inter-national standards(such as: scale of population, scope of culture/society/economy, integrity and scope of legal systems, separation of power systems, public services and provisions etc., in arbitrary selection) and are mutually agreed among parties, it is up to such individual parties of nations and the international community to decide whether to recognize a SNL-CPN as a full-scale nation, quasi-nation, or an entity in its preparatory stage. 

▪ Traditional nations of Sovereignty of Land(SL) may choose to abandon its traditional constraint of SL where newer ideas for “naturalizations” of historically occupied land and space could be such as de-humanization/re-geologization of territories; sanctification of territories; multi-partied un-exclusive shared and mutually regulated land-use and conservations; separating the livelihood-supporting state as SNL-CPN with a Night-watchman state overlooking land administration and coordinations; and of course, de-militarizations to depart from exclusiveness.

▪ People have the right to apply for any number of nationalities with which ever state(s) they may affiliate an identity with. 

▪ People have the right to quit or deny attribution to any nationality if not desired, if against freedom of will.

▪ People should have the right to seek refuge at any free or un-free land or space, to protect its own existence and livelihood in a crisis.

▪ SNL-CPNs should try the best to accept applicants as its citizens, in order to guarantee basic human(x-uman)rights to all known encountered entities of self-identity cognitions.

▪ Scope of legal jurisdiction and law enforcement may vary among SNL-CPNs.

▪ Scope of taxation and governmental public services, redistribution of livelihood necessities may vary among SNL-CPNs.

▪ Specialized SNL-CPNs may select to be active in one or more limited fields of interest, expertise or enterprise, where people can select a desired combination of SNL-CPNs to satisfy a desired level of livelihood. 


Related enhancements to Freedom of movement.

▪ Freedom of movement should be enhanced to encompass the universal existence of non-territorial land and space as natural and de facto, where existential emergence of territorial sovereignty are also understood as artifacts of civilization, legislature, and statutory laws that grant itinerant rights as inventions on its own account of permit. 

▪ Non-militant civil People and entities, free of nationality or not, if without breaching the ecologies of natural environment and wild-life habitations, should have the basic right to travel across any free land or space, free of occupied/territorial possession, under a universal and protective itinerant law. This should be added as an enhancement to Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which asserts: "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state."; ”Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country." 

▪ SNL-CPNs and other domestic and international entities should try with its best efforts to secure a network of universal de-territorialized corridors for itinerant freedom and mutually free of territorial occupation.


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