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Kill the death penalty

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Capital punishment is a brutal way of serving justice, the act of killing a person for their crimes is both inhumane and unjust. Despite what acts of horror they may have committed, the act of killing another just brings us one step closer to a inhumane society. Plenty of stories released of people on death row proven innocent, after their execution. Not only is the execution of people inhumane, it could also murder an innocent person that could have had a chance to prove their innocence. One such case is Brian Terrell, a man convicted of murder was executed in 2015. Terrell was convicted due the a testimony by his cousin Jermaine Johnson, it was learned after his execution that Jermaine Johnson submitted to get off death row himself. The prosecution cut him a deal to testify against Terrell in exchange for a reduced sentence. It is cases such as this one that challenge why the death penalty exists, not only a inhumane punishment but innocent people like Terrell convicted of crimes due to bureaucratic corruption. It's time to take a stance and kill the death penalty for good.

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