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Justice For T.Nhaveen And For All Bullied Victims

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T. Nhaveen a 19 year old guy from Penang, Malaysia was assaulted and sodomised with a foreign object by five youths and now is declared brain dead and on life support at Penang Hospital. Bullying has gotten far worst and recently has taken many lives not only in our country but worldwide. Nhaveen was said to be soft spoken and was teased by this bunch of irresponsible youths by calling him sissy. When Nhaveen pleaded them to stop teasing him, those youths reacted by assaulting Nhaveen and also his friend T.Previin who was accompanying him. His friend escaped with bruises but sadly Nhaveen paid the price.

 We want justice for T.Nhaveen where the offenders cannot be spared. They should be given a punishment they deserve because what they did tantamount to murder. Brain dead can be considered dead and now only a miracle can save him where his family members are praying for him. Our prayers are all with him and we want justice be done. 

It was also said in an article that bullying is not something new for Nhaveen as he was bullied during his schooling days but he did not take it seriously and walk away from it. Friends, bullying in whatever situation or in what form is a subject that we cannot ignore. Anyone who bullies should undergo counselling to find out the root cause and  be given a  punishment accordingly so that he/she will not repeat the act again. Bullying should not be allowed to happen in the first place. Parents/Guardians on the other hand should look further into this matter if their children ever get bullied or their children are culprits. By merely saying "Don't care about them" does not help the children.  Schools should tighten their securities and promote positive values that should allow no rooms for bullying. The bullies must be sent for counselling since expelling them would not do any good but only raise the number of dropouts and they may eventually resort to gangsterism.

We urge the authority and educational institutions for institutional education reform to promote positive values such as non-violence and non-discrimination. We should create a campus and society where the learning and living environment are conducive, safe and filled with hope, kindness and peace.

Students on the other hand should not be afraid of standing up against this bullies by reporting this sort of incidents to appropriate authority. If bullying is non-existed, Nhaveen would not have lost his life.  Nhaveen’s mother is a single parents working hard for her children and now can you even imagine the pain and despair she is feeling. Where are the parents of the offenders? What are they even doing? We hope they would approach the victim family and offer all the help they could. But yet none shows up.

All I hope is our nation should serve justice immediately and take appropriate precaution and remedy and never ever to let this happen again. I hope the sentence 'death by bullying' should never even be uttered again. I want bullying to be demolished completely. No more second Nhaveen.  #saynotobullying #justicefornhaveen


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