Justice for Syria

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Although I can do nothing but start a petition just to hope or request the people who have the power to bring justice to Syria and the thousands of killings of the innocent that has been taking place since forever now. We, humans have lost humanity and have become so selfish to an extend that we don't even care about what's happening within the planet we live in. Irrespective of the religion we follow we are all related to each other through humanity and if we as individuals don't try our bit then there will be no change in this cruel world. I request all of you to please sign the petition just in hope that the innocents in Syria get even the slightest of help or justice as we might call it. United Nations who seem to care so much for world peace seems to be doing nothing at all. With the resources at their end I'm pretty sure there's a lot they can do to aid syria and help them get justice. Let's take a step towards humanity and hope this world becomes a better place to live in.