Justice For Rape Victim and her family and death penalty for Kuldeep Sengar and supporters

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A minor girl was raped and gang raped by BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar in April 2017, rather taking action against him, police and political goons started threatening family of victims, when the victim tried to burn herself outside the house of CM UP case was handover to CBI but after filing the charge-sheet in2018 still trial has not started, which is totally illegal, then the family was trapped in fake cases and her father was killed by BJP goons in jail(custodial murder) yet nothing has done, this sunday the victim, her two aunties and lawyer were attacked by goons and her aunts were killed by conspiracy in road accident by truck, and the victim and her lawyer is in hospital, fighting for lives. This is all done by goons of Kuldeep Sengar who is a monster muscleman politician who has built his capital by fear and finance, case is with CBI, trial is pending before the Special CBI court without Judge, even CJI knows about the case, a letter written by victim to the CJI is not delivered to CJI, we need to sign this petition not just to deliver justice but to punish these goons so that no goon ever try to spoil life of girl and family like this..