Justice For Muslims in Chinese Concentration Camps

Justice For Muslims in Chinese Concentration Camps

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Bina D started this petition to United Nations

Over 3 million Uyghur Muslims living in China have been tortured in concentration camps.This is the biggest mass detentions in modern history, yet so many are unaware.

The government is targeting Muslims through a campaign of torture, no rights to practice their religion and brainwashing them to become “normal citizens”.

Men are taken to concentration camps, children sent to orphanages and women being FORCEFULLY married to Chinese men.

I’m the concentration camps they are forced to eat pork, drink alcohol and denounce themselves as muslims.

Leaked documents show that detainees are forced to take pills and get injections, they are human subjects for MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION, ORGAN HARVESTING, and STERILIZATION.

They must memorize propaganda songs and confess to invented sins.

10-30% of #Uyghur #Muslims are put into concentration camps. However those who are living outside of concentration camps are also in extremely bad conditions.

Outside the camps, a spyware app must be installed on their phones, so the government can monitor their activity.

A woman cannot wear a hijab unless she is over 45, facial recognition can capture who is passing by a mosque and THEY CAN BE PUNISHED FOR THIS??

They are not allowed to speak any foreign language, there must be no halal food, pork and alcohol MUST be in every household.

Chinese forces are in 1 MILLION Uyghur Muslims homes as “guests” to monitor them.

They’re human rights are being abused and completely destroyed. They are being forced to give up their religion, mosques are being shut down, muslim schools are banned, religious scholars are being killed and thousands are being slaughter on the sole basis of their beliefs- it is wrong and IT MUST BE STOPPED.

This petition aims to reach The United Nations so they can make the necessary change, the UN insist that they protect and enforce human rights and yet they are standing back and allowing these acts to continue. We must force them to make a change as what is happening is unjust in every way. This is a CULTURAL GENOCIDE- let’s call it by what it is there no other way to stop it unless we help make a change.

Share this petition to ensure that the innocent Uyghur Muslims that are being oppressed and slaughter, get the justice and freedom they deserve. Also use the #SaveTheMuslims

0 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
At 75,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!