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Because "It should never hurt to be a child" @Hopefoundation Vision

Over the years, HOPE have met with thousands of children whose lives have been disturbed by uncaring adults. Everyone one of us who have enjoyed a safe life know what it is like to go to school, come home, have dinner, do our homework with our parents and go to bed to sleep. The street children of Calcutta don't know this normality... They jump up in the morning amidst the bustle around them- they hide their cardboard beds and they wander through the day hoping they pass unnoticed without abuse. The lay their heads down at night on the cardboard boxes which our shoes have been packed in, the covers which protect them through the night. While we sleep amongst the recessions of the world, please realise that 1 euro/1 pound/1 dollar will change a life- it will feed a child, it will save a life... right now. Please help change a life.


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The Hope Foundation United Nations, Irish Aid, USAID, DFID, India, The World
Stop, Listen, Hear the plight of girls born to the streets of India

Children hide in corners in Kolkata to save themselves, right now as you read this letter. They make themselves even smaller than their childhood frame carries them. They want to be the shadow which no abusive adult sees. Please, leaders, step out from the protective shadows and see the children who use shadows to hide in. WE are their adult leaders, WE are their HOPE, WE are THEIR hand in the shadows.

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