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International Peace Force to free 24 million people.

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Imagine your born in Prison Camp. You are isolated in the most isolated country on the planet and you sometimes go years without saying daylight. This may seem as unimaginable but it is imaginable to 24 million people who live and suffer in North Korea. And the most devastating fact you haven't committed a crime.

Since the beginning of the 21st Century North Korea has been operating a devastating Missile Programme which is not benefiting the world in anyway or form. It is wrong to say that the United Nations has not taken a strong stance on the nation. After each missile test the United Nations Security Council install sanctions which are destabilise the economy of North Korea and whilst this seems to be working considering the North Korean economy stands at low $24 billion it fails to effect the Kim Regime which are an absolute control of the country.

By installing sanctions on North Korea we aren't hurting the devastating regime at the pinnacle of control. We are hurting the Korean People. And one could indeed argue hurting the Korean People will mount pressure on the regime. I would strongly disagree- the North Korean people are installed with fear and no one would dare speak against the regime on home soil. So what do we require?

What we require is an International Peace Force  that will consist of team of Global Leaders. This peace force will demand to meet with Kim Jong Un directly. If they fail the United Nations will undertake drastic action. Drastic Action that will hurt the regime at its heart. The United Nations would install a no-fly-zone over the North Korean nation followed by a complete stop on all imports and exports to and from the DPRK(North Korea). 

I have always been a person that empathises with people very easily. This time I wish everyone from everywhere to empathise with me. To put yourself in the shoes of young North Korean boy whose parents have abandoned and has been forced live rogue and eventually end up prison camp. Let us all unite on one front. Let us become One Voice- whether your from Russia or the US- Saudi Arabia or Iran - India or Pakistan, let us to unite together. Lets speak out for the North Korean People. 

I am not asking for war or UN backed Force into the nation. But what I am asking for is that we together let 24 million people get a taste for freedom. Let us even unite the Korean Peninsula and maybe even turn two sworn enemies of the same family into One Nation. 




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