Indigenous languages in Nigeria are endangered. Support the RISING AGAIN movement today.

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Nigerians are largely disillusioned about their country because of the erosion of cultural values especially the indigenous languages. The older generation no longer feel obligated to pass on the indigenous  languages to the younger ones because of the effects of globalisation and Western philosophies hence,  the growing cultural apathy and the unbridled predilection and quest for Western values and culture both by the young and old. This cultural schizophrenia coupled with the disillusionment of bad governance/corruption is largely responsible for the recent astronomical rise in migration crises involving Nigerians in the Western world. This project will help to inculcate and rekindle the eroded love of positive cultural values in the hearts of Nigerians again.  I call this movement, RISING AGAIN because it's all about the resurrection of the love of culture and the native languages especially in Southern Nigeria. My aim is not to incapacitate our official language/lingua  franca which is English but to have it exist harmoniously with the indigenous languages by reemphasising its roles in our society as a unifying language while at the same time reviving the love of indigenous culture (languages).

Nigerians will develop a more nationalistic and patriotic consciousness when they are radically made to see the advantages there are in speaking the languages of their forefathers in addition to the lingua franca. With this patriotic spirit, they will be less interested in leaving the country for greener pastures abroad and be more committed to developing contents for progressive cultural development and indirectly, economic development. Nigerians are currently craving for the Western world because that's where their love and passion is currently channeled. This project aims at rechanneling that passion for the benefit nation building. This project will come in two phases: Face to face advocacy which will come in the form of nation wide rallies in schools, markets,  motor parks...seminars, symposiums,  and media advocacy - television, radio, reality game shows based on the project, the social media... Support the RISING AGAIN movement today. 

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