Immediate Death Penalty For Rapists

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This is not mere a petition but a letter and a message to every parent and every person who has that little kid in their lives whom they cherish and means the world to them.

This is about the recent brutal rape which was forced on this little angel by a young male named Tahir Rehman, residence of bandipora.

The authorities are trying to safeguard the culprit from the public, where we demand that the culprit be punished severely in public so that it sets an example to all such evils and this rapidly growing number of rapes can come to hault.

We all have daughters in our families, all these little angels who are literally our world. Do we have the courage to even think about them being in the same situation like our beautiful child Aiman Zehra?

Imagine the trauma she’s going through right now where she is in so much pain but doesn’t know at all what and why it happened to her. To us, who know right what happened and why should stand with this innocent soul right away and ask the authorities to give this culprit a death which can mark a change in this world and bring these evils to rest.

During writing this petition i got news from Kashmir that another minor has been raped by an evil and she is undergoing nothing but pain both mental and physical. The culprit has been again arrested but needs to be given death penalty right away.
Rapes don't harm temporarily but they permanently destroy a girl's/woman's self confidence and mental health. 

Again, this is not just a petition to just sign and forget but please take actions locally as well and come together before they are our daughters or nieces who become target of such brutal crime.

My appeal is to respected United nations organisation to please take an action on this before it is too late, this land where souls like Mother Teressa served should have a different face altogether.