I want Forests to be protected. Help me to save the Earth from Global Warming!

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Hi guys,

I'm Sarah and I'm 12 years old.

Guys, have you ever thought of what can happen if we continue participating in Global Warming? Well I have some answers. Go to my site: savemotherearth

  • What is the problem?

For example, we are burning forests to create palm oil for our shampoo, toothpaste, biscuits, etc...

  • What can the United Nations do to help against that?

The UN can put in place a rule prohibiting people/governments/companies to burn forests.

  • What are the effects of burning the forest on the Earth, on wild animals and human being?

Well, the thing is that when we burn forests, it creates heat and smoke (called Haze), which is really bad for our health. But that is not the only cause, the animals are also affected, they flee from their habitat because of those stupid fires WE created! The animals have no choice but to get closer to towns, or even inside! Some of them are carrying diseases, which they transmit to our pets, which then transmit them to us, or directly to us. This is hard to say but everyone is complaining about Mr. COVID-19, and it is our responsibility if people around us are suffering and dying.

I would like everyone to do efforts, and to continue all our little acts we already do every day to protect the Earth. Even if you are a young child or an elderly person, we can all make the World a better place for Humanity! Be on my side and sign the petition!!!