i want to achieve rights for helpless Pakistani Christian asylum seekers and refugees.

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Amanda Hurley
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It is humble request to higher Authorities who takes care for humanity, Please feel pain and suffering of these helpless, persecuted and hopeless Pakistani Christian asylum seekers, your kind action and generous attention will encourage humanity. 

I care for human being that is suffering in Thailand - Bangkok detention center, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Berma etc. i had been working for Asylum seekers and Refugees for last four years. Asylum seeker & refugees have no rights in these countries as asylum seekers and refugees. People are not being called into Interview, they are suffering for so many years without education of their children, proper supplication of food, rental of their rooms, They are discouraged for human rights or faith based, they are victim of biased system. Whatever their religion, faith and country. They are human. According to My faith in Christ, i take care for their new generations who are without proper education and refugee status, they are living in helplessness and hopelessness due to improper treatment of UNHCR. They are taking care but all human wants proper rights as human, they are dealing other countries except Pakistan. 



Ministers Says!

Pakistani Christians are enjoying their rights in foreign meeting of UNHCR and other foreign meetings.

It is on the record video message in the National Assemblies of Pakistan, Minorities leaders are asking Justice from Chief justice of Pakistan and Chief Ministers, President. Ministers of minorities claimed justice in the parliament of Pakistan. It is on the Record video message about injustice over minorities in Pakistan (Burning of Churches, Burning of Christian Colonies, forced conversion, forced marriages, rapes, and injustice of lower class Christian in every field of life.  


Watson Gill & his team recently protest before UNHCR Headquarter in Guinea, Switzerland, Nazir S. Bhatti & his team, Sarwar Bhatti & his team, Pervaz Masih & his team, Lalif Bhatti and all other activists who have love for Pakistan’ betterment, minorities and Asylum seeker & refugees in Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries. . So many more humanity lovers are struggling for justice from other European Countries. They had been struggling against injustice over Christian & other minorities in Pakistan.

It is not only injustice religiously but also educationally, economically, spiritually, ethically, psychologically and physiologically over minorities. Pakistani ministers’ strategies of working are very pathetic.   According to injustice with minorities for last 70 years has raised so many teams in Europe for their home land Pakistani’ Christian who are miserably suffering in Pakistan and persecuted by extremists. So many questions come to Desks. What kind of brutal policies and politics had been carried out with minorities in Pakistan?

1.     Why human rights defenders ministers are offending human rights?

2.     If minorities are safe in Pakistan, then why ministers’ families are seeking Asylum in other countries.

Think Thank, Scholars, and Human Rights defenders, Journalists, writers, Activists, Christian religious leaders in Pakistan and Christian communities’ leaders are asking justice by UNHCR High Commissioners for Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers of different counties.  

Ministers recorded messages on the video for asking justice for Christian communities and other minorities’ basic right as human in Pakistan. It is living witness that they had not been given basic human rights above religious basis. Ministers are seeking asylum in other counties. It means that Christian communities are not safe absolutely. Christian and other minorities are terrified by extremists in Pakistan. They need human right and international protection as human.   

According to UNHCR’ Articles of 1950, It provides specialized support, on the prioritized basis for those most vulnerable and in need, in the areas of heal, education, livelihood and long term solutions, particularly for survivors of sexual and gender – based violence and children at risk by providing humanitarian support.

Who can seek Refugees :-

1.     Who has a well founded fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, member of particular social group or political opinion.

2.     Who, because of fear, is unwilling or unable to return to his or her country of orgin or habitual residence.

3.     A well founded fear means a fear that has an objective foundation and is supported by objective facts. If these facts show there is a present of prospective risk of persecution, your fear is well founded.

4.     Subjective fear that is not supported by objective facts, although genuine, is not enough to qualify one as a refugee.

What is persecution?

1.     A serious threat to your life or freedom.

2.     A serious violation of your basic human rights.

3.     Persecution is usually something that happens more than once. However, something that only happens once but is very serious mays till be persecution.

4.     Persecution may be actions taken by a state, or by someone who is not part of state if the state tolerates or condones the persecution or does not offer you assistance and protection.

According to the 1951 Refugee convention criteria, to be recognized as refgee, your persecution must be on account of:

1.     Race or nationality , all ethnic groups.

2.     Religion: religious belief or practice or choice not to follow any religion

3.     Political opinion: Opinion on any matter in which the machinery of state, government, society or policy may be engaged.

4.     Membership of a particular social group: people who share a common characteristic or who  are perceived as a group by society.

You can be a refugee if you fear persecution because someone believes you have one of the above characteristics although, in reality, you do not have them.


Now after studying these articles and points of refugees, All Christians are legible for refugee logically and ethnically. Even any human comes in these criteria. According to UNHCR standard for humanity, minorities are legible to seek Asylum due to miserable and dangerous political and religious system in Pakistan. Continual persecution over minorities of Pakistan, it might be religious or sectarian wise, social or economic or ethic.


Main Conclusion

UNHCR has given some countries’ Muslim or other sects of religions as right to seek Asylum as citizen of those counties. Pakistani minorities must have this privilege for seeking Asylum through UNHCR as human being above saying of ministers of those countries. If any Pakistani Christian or any minority member of Pakistan wants to live in Pakistan to enjoy their human rights as citizen willingly, he can go back and be saved. Government must give them protection as citizen of refugee. It is legal way to see humanity on the human standard.

May God bless Pakistan’ policy makers and UNHCR & human rights defenders, humanity lover to think above religious discrimination or sectarian wise?

May God bring all of us together to make policies through UNHCR meeting and general meeting of leaders of allies countries of Europe and European Union to eradicate daily persecution over humanity of Pakistan’ minorities.

It may be only solution for humanity because of religion says that they are doing well according to their Books, culture and customs. It will multicultural solution for humanity of minorities, especially Pakistnai.