Stand With Larung Gar NOW!

The Larung Gar Institute, the largest Tibetan Buddhist center in the world, is currently facing wide-scale demolition by the Chinese government. On July 20, 2016, China initiated its plan to decimate Larung Gar and evict and displace at least half of its 10,000+ residents by September 2017.

This dramatic demolition of Larung Gar is a severe and serious abuse of religious freedom, as the monks and nuns, who have renounced the world and made Larung Gar their home are unable to practice their religion in peace. As a result, three nuns have reportedly committed suicide in protest. 

Larung Gar, founded by Khenpo Jigme Phuntstok, is a highly respected and iconic center of Tibetan Buddhism, renowned worldwide for its teachings. It is of immeasurable importance in terms of Tibetan language, culture and religion and must be treasured and protected. China cannot be allowed to dictate how Tibetans in Tibet pursue their religious education, and must accept and allow Tibetans the right to practice religious freedom. 

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SIGN this petition now. Urge the United Nations Human Rights Council to press China to cease with the demolitions at Larung Gar and allow local Tibetan leaders and religious teachers to be fully engaged in decision-making on its long-term future.


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  • Special Rapporteur on Right to Education
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