Recognize All Sexual Harassment as Sexual Harassment Across the Board

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Eric Brown
2 years ago
Although I believe there is a grey area in many situations, I agree that harassment is harassment, no excuses.

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Anita Kanitz
3 years ago
"The kind people treat you shows you what kind of people they are!"
- Anita Kanitz

We are living in a world with extreme misogyny, sexism, rape culture and violence against women, girls, female childs and babies.There are hate crimes like femicide, female infanticide, cruel rapes, gang rapes, mass rapes, war rapes ,child rapes, marital rape, heinous rape porns, child porns, forced prostitution, sex slavery, dowry murder, FGM, child marriages, forced marriages, sexual and domestic violence, acid attacks, honour killings, sexual murder, sexual torture, witch hunts, widow murder, human trafficking, abduction connected with rape, torture, forced marriages, murder, religous persecution of women, girls and female childs like in the Islam and the Hinduism,street harassment, workplace and school harassment, online harassment, cyber bullying, cruel punishments for female victims like stoning, lashing, inprisonment, sadistic stalking, lack of human rights, contraception and education, forced and sexist dress codes, hate speech in the society, the media and the religion, violence during childbirths.

The enslavement of women and girls since humankind exists, is funded by the enslavement of their bodies and their sexuality. It is funded by rape culture, forced marriages, child marriages, forced child births, forced FGM, paid and unpaid rape in prostitution and pornography, marital rape, sex trade, sex slavery, denied human rigths, education, gender equality and denied contraception and abortion.Denied contraception and abortion means forced childbirths, funding of rape culture and misogyny. The best contraception is to have no intercourse with men or that men and boys not rape and abuse women, girls and female childs against their will. The marriage between men and women is glorified, but in the the most cases there are domestic violence and murder, sexual violence and verbal abuse. Rape culture, marital rape, gang rapes, corrective rapes, child rapes connected with sexual and domestic violence, with underaged and forced marriages, sexual and domestic murder are common wordlwide and the normal way of life in all countries. Rape videos, sex trade and rape porns are common worldwide. Females are treated like garbage and worthless objects. In all countries there are femicides, female infanticide and the forced abortion of female babies. That's a shame for our whole planet.

Hate crime: Femicide

With recent outrage in Argentina over the brutal murder of 14-year-old Chiara Paez, the conversation about femicide has been reignited in mainstream media.

The young girl was allegedly beaten and killed by her boyfriend during a supposed dispute over her pregnancy. This case brings to light the overwhelming violence brought against women throughout much of the world.

This violence against women, the killing and maiming of women solely because of their gender, has been coined femicide.

It's important to distinguish femicide from homicide, as most research conducted in countries with high rates of femicide don't consider them as such.

Femicide is the sexist violence against women because of a patriarchal system that believes in the inferiority of women themselves.

It's a crime that discriminates. It is not just the murder of women, but the murder of women because they are women. In many cultures and societies, this violence has long been accepted and encouraged.

And even now, when many countries have created laws against femicide, this violence is still all-consuming.

There are many different forms of femicide, but they all involve the beating, mutilating, torturing or killing of women and girls because of the fact they are women.

In much of the world, women are seen more as objects, instead of people with equal power and representation in their societies. Because of this, the beating and killing of women is allowed, looked over or even encouraged.

The different forms of femicide include honor killings, dowry killings, intimate femicide, non-intimate femicide, genital mutilation, infanticide, sex trafficking and many others.

It's important to stay informed on matters such as these, and the first step to doing so is understanding these issues, where these killings are most committed and how to put an end to it.

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Michael El Bacha
3 years ago
Im signing this as I believe in this petition.