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Petitioning United Nations High Comissioner for Refugees

Please explain why they are taking no action against the Australian Government for their constant breaches of the Refugee Convention which they signed.

The majority of the Australian population do not support their governments actions in treating refugees as "illegal" referring to them as "illegal" and refusing them the rights that are guaranteed under the Refugee Convention to which Australia is a signatory. Especially the specific action of handing refugees back into the arms of the Government from whom they are trying to escape.

The Humanitarian response to people fleeing persecution and threat to their lives is to offer support and safety until such time as the threat is removed and it is safe for them to return to their homeland.

There must be a clear and transparent process for the evaluation of their refugee status, the steps taken to record the process by which the decison to accept their status as Refugees has been accepted or rejected. 

UNHCR must explain why they have allowed the Australian Government to flaunt their constant breaches of the Refugee Convention, they must also explain their silence on the illegal actions of handing refugees back to their tormentors without conducting a full evaluation of their status.


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