Help to stop the spread of Aids in Africa

Help to stop the spread of Aids in Africa

June 2, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brodie Robertson


Africa has been dealing with a lot lately. But this is one of the most severe long term issues that has been going on in Africa. This problem is AID's. 

Aids has affected the people of Africa in such a bad way that they thought they were going to be wiped out of existence. 

We need people to think deep into this because it is not just about people getting sick and dying. 

These are the things that we need to think about:

  • Kids being born with AID's
  • A majority of kids becoming orphans
  • Adult/parents dying 
  • And people dying to simple illnesses

Aids are a very bad disease that is mainly spread through sex and sharing needles. This has been a very bad problem in Africa because they do not have the things they need to have safe sex and clean needles. 

This just shows that we need to step up and help to get the people of Africa what they need and we all have the power to make a difference. 

Just think, if you could save one kid would you? If you could stop the spread of a disease that is killing almost all African people would you? If your answer was yes then you should do some research of your own and find out what this is really about.

The main thing that I think we should do is:

  • Get the United States government to send troops with condoms and food to make sure that the people who are using condoms get food.
  • We should get the United States to fund condom distribution. This would make the United States look really good because the last time that they did something in Africa they were to late. So if we could do this not only would it help so many people but it doesn't have a negative effect of the United States. Therefore there are not backlashes for helping Africa with AIDS.
  • We now have to try to get someone with power to fund this. That means we will have to get noticed to make this problem pop up in-front of their face. This will then catch a lot of attention and maybe people will even donate to help the distribution of condoms. 

There is always a solution to a problem, and if you want to be part of the solution, then you are saving so many people from tragedy.   

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Signatures: 72Next Goal: 100
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