Global ban on sale of Virus carrying animals like Bats,Civets,Pythons for meat.

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Dear Global Citizens, Last few months we have seen one of the worst crisis that this world may have seen in the form of Covid-19 Pandemic, even though the virus may have originated and transferred from Animal to human in one country,but it is not confined to boundary of any particular country but collectively affecting the  millions of lives,economy,mental health globally, here I am not insisting or pressing for Vegan life style, but When already the Agriculture and Animal husbandry had progressed so much and people have so much options for food in poultry, Fisheries, Meat etc, Why some people or province want to behave like in primitive age and want to eat such odd animals like Bats there by potentially threatening global lives, it is scientifically proven that Bat carries Corona,Rabies, Nipah viruses and many more, Rats carry Hanta virus and causative organism of leptospirosis, so just one country regulating food habits of its citizen is not enough, but UN shall resolve that all Nations should make it criminal offence with very strong punishment like 10 years imprisonment which may extend to Life imprisonment for catching, caging for sale in meat markets, hatching for meat, possessing any component of body including blood of this animals like Bat,Rat,Civets etc, this laws should not impart any exemption even for tribal people, also catching Bats for research purpose should only be done with consent of Government authority and any under ground research of this animals should be banned, When all the super powers and globe is busy and focusing on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons,here another bio threat is obviously became evident which is not only equally but perhaps more devastating than nuclear weapons, RIP to all souls that we lost in Covid-19 pandemic, the real tribute for all of them would be to take such welcome step and ban hunting and hatching of all such animals hosting deadly  viruses,making such act as a crime against the Humanity.