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Samrah Rahman started this petition to United Nations and

Independence and freedom is a basic human right. Thousands of Kashmiris are fighting for their right of self determination for decades. But still nothing has changed. Thousands are brutally killed but the world is silent. IOK ( INDIAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR) is bleeding. They are labeled as terrorists though they are not. They are FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The latest situation of IOK has become WORST. 

According to AL JAZEERA: 

"Parts of India-administered Kashmir have been placed under lock-down and local politicians reportedly arrested as tensions intensify in the disputed region following a massive deployment of troops by the Indian government."

"As per the order there shall be no movement of public and all educational institutions shall also remain closed," a statement by the government of Jammu and Kashmir, which is currently under the central rule, said on Sunday night".

Concerns over Article 35A:
Earlier on Sunday, former state Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah chaired a meeting of political leaders from the region, who issued a statement, warning "against any tinkering with the special status of the region" as guaranteed under Article 35A of the Indian constitution.

Article 35A has been challenged by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its right-wing allies through a series of petitions in India's Supreme Court.

Last month, a senior BJP leader hinted that the government was planning to form exclusive Hindu settlements in the region.

Syed Ali Geelani, a top separatist leader, also issued a statement on Sunday, calling on Kashmiris to use "unity and brotherhood" to fight "India's aggression".


Solution is in hands of UN now. India, as a member of UN has taken the worst step and MODI should be held accountable for the current happenings. Referendum should be held in IOK and they should be given their right of self determination. Doings of BJP are not justifiable, this is open terrorism. What we only want is their freedom. They are humans, they have rights and their rights should be respected. No one has right to confiscate an area without the consent of its people. 


I am Kashmiri, it hurts me when i see thousands are dying. It hurts me when i see that whole world is free except some  Countries specifically MUSLIM countries. It hurt me though we are in 21st century and still MUSLIMS are killed just because of hate towards a particular religion. Back then when IOK was given to INDIA, world wasn't a better place. It was given to India without the consent of Kashmiris but in this world of DEMOCRACY, INDIAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR SHOULD BE GIVEN INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM

Whether you are INDIAN or Pakistani, let's put our egos and pride aside. Think about HUMANITY first and sign this petition for a better world.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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