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Fronline states in Amisom should be pulled out of Somalia

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We are Somali refugees living in kenya for years. Our country was allied with the world of democracy and the United states. It was a friend of most western countries. We have been in choas for many years. Now in 2017 we thought it is enough now. No more tribalism, no more nonsense civilwar, no more terrorism, no more piracy and no more hatred among our people. 

Our new president is also U.S citizen and is well liked among diaspora and the youth. More than 125 of Somali mps and senators are from the diaspora. We hope he will heal deep wounds from the civilwar and his strong mandate is what is necessary to resusciate it. 

After the new president was elected, eruptions of joy across somalia and shared jubilation of citizens and the soldiers in mogadishu created mistrust felt by neighbouring countries Ethiopia and Kenya, but why?

Farmajo can build Somali national army to tackle terrorism and stabilise the country and protect our dignity only, right? But why regional anxiety?

Does that mean no body cares about what Somali people want? 

Does that mean that we can not be independent country and should be under their authority that our membership in the united nations is not real?

Does that mean the world of democracy chooses neighbouring countries' interests over Somalia coming back to the world stage?

Puntland leader is in addis ababa while jubaland leader is in nairobi as well. Were they sent for Somali interest by the federal government? Is this not what Somalia's president said in his inauguration address that we will respect regional countries and not to interfere them, and we expect the same?

Therefore, we as a somali cotizens want the frontline states Ethiopia and Kenya in Amisom to be pulled out of Somalia now.

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