Protect Mother Earth And Protect Our Future - Let's Pledge To Reduce Global Warming

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My name is Ojaswini Pandey and I am 11 years old. Many times, I hear people complaining about how hot it is becoming, and a word I always hear is “ Global Warming”. Very soon, I started getting curious about what it is, and started doing research on it. I also selected it as a topic for my schools’ exhibition. When I found out what it actually means, I was upset to find out that we " the humans" are complaining about climate change and we ourselves are the cause. Then I decided to take action by creating awareness.

Humans have been living on this earth for thousands of years, and every single day we are involved in lots and lots of activities.

However, some of these activities are now changing the climate of our earth, and the impact comes on our mother earth, our only planet. We are destroying our nature, our environment, the animals and everything else mother earth gave us.

So, I urge you all to stand with me today in the fight to save our earth, the only planet we know by taking measure which control global warming. Some of these small activities will repay us and the future immensely, so please take a pledge with me today that

We will educate others and tell them about Global warming.

We will recycle and reuse everything we can.

We will save energy and save electricity by             

  • Turnings off the lights and fans when we leave a room.
  • Using energy saving appliances including the fluorescent.

We will build the nature again by growing plants. 

We will encourage car pooling, use public transportation whenever possible.

We will walk or bike to the places that are not far off from our homes.

We will stop taking long showers.

We will eat less meat.

We will try to use renewable energy. Solar geysers, solar power batteries.

If we all can contribute in these small things, then together we can save earth and make it a better place for us and our future generation.

Please sign this petition and help spreading awareness among people like us, newspapers and organizations to help reduce Global warming. A small step can make a big difference.