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For punish Turkey & claiming its crimes against Human Rights by catch Cyprus

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In name of each cypriot who suffered any kind of injury both physic or psychic by turkish army in Cyprus, we hope gathering signatures through this petition to send it at United Nations (UN) and, later, at International Court of Justice (ICJ), or at International Criminal Court (ICC), where will might claim its criminal acts. Therefore, we believe turkish soldiers received instructions which show a downward move according general protocols, because commanders can only give orders if got some government's member authorization.

Anyone might by research websites find historical reviews about Turkey invasion in Cyprus, however, according to UN doc A/55/970-S/2001/541 signed by Sotirios Zackheos, the Cyprus issue "is a question of foreign invasion and occupation of one third of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus by a powerful neighbour, the Republic of Turkey, which, as has been confirmed by ECHR (European Court of Human Rights), has effective control over the occupied territory, in view of the massive presence of its military forces", and claim "the Government of Turkey and its subordinate local administration in the occupied areas of Cyprus, the so-called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) which has been declared legally invalid by General Assembly Security Council resolution 541 (1983)". In other words, Turkey disrespected International and Human Rights or still disrespect, wherefore are unacceptable any cypriot citizen arrested or killed by turkish army in Cyprus.

Finally, we not blame turkish people, however, we blame turkish individuals non-cypriot who committed any criminal acts against the cypriots then against Cyprus, as well against to International and Human Rights, moreover cypriot roots is too heterogeneous which have turkish roots too. By the way, we know is impossible blame everyone by his acts, and for many reasons, e. g. its possible they're dead. Therefore, we blame highest level of Turkey Republic, the Minister of National Defense or the President, because are they the true individuals whom ordered these brutal acts. The crimes against International and Human Rights happened since turkish army left Turkey to catch a neighbour State, the Republic of Cyprus, as through its soldiers whom removed the cypriots from their homes and killed anyone who opposed at these acts. We hope claim all these crimes committed by Turkey at World Courts.

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