Fix the drug war

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The global war on drugs has not affected the supply of drugs and has simultaneously provided gangs and militias across the world with a steady stream of income.

The UN has estimated the value of the the illicit drug market to be around $400 billion.* Whilst Oxfam predicts the cost of ending poverty to be only $100 billion dollars. It is possible for legalization and taxation to eradicate poverty.

Many governments across the world have experimented with decriminalization with great success already. Portugal experienced an 80% drop in drug related deaths after it decriminalized all drugs. Switzerland experimented with providing clean heroin to addicts, and drug overdoses halved, and the incidence of HIV among users has also halved.

In 2016, the UN was poised to release a paper stating that drug decriminalization was key in preventing the spread of diseases like AIDs and Tuberculosis**. In 1995 the World Health Organization was also poised to release a paper stating that keeping cocaine illegal was doing more harm than good, causing the spread of violence in South America, whilst the drug itself was less harmful than alcohol or nicotine***. In both instances, the United States threatened to cut its funding of the WHO and the papers were not published. However, we want the UN to be assured it will be able to fully fund the WHO, and achieve a lot more from taxing illegal drugs and putting the money to its best use.

If you are interested in further information, the new free documentary FIX is available online.

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