Save Yemen from extinction!

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Yemen has been in serious crisis since the Arab Spring. All the efforts to end war have been failed since neither of the parties is genuinely interested in ending it. All sides are being run by power-hungry leaders and its the civilians who are paying the price. 

United Nations and the United States of America have the power to intervene and genuinely stop the conflict and if needed, they can even use force to do so. The Saudi led coalition needs to be brought under control as their greed of power, fueled by the inacceptance of differences have already caused many problems but enough is enough! 

Help the Yemenis by signing this petition and start a movement across the globe to end this inhumane treatment of innocent. Just like the death of George Floyd caused a unified movement across the globe, making people stand up against the constant discrimination and cruelty towards so many of our brothers and sisters, Yemen needs a similar response from us after years of cruelty and human rights violations. Thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives in pursuit of their freedom so isn't it the same? 

So to all this, we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let's bring peace back in Yemen.