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Fight for Syria People

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Both the sides: American backed rebels and Russian backed Syrian army need to sign a long lasting ceasefire agreement, without any compromises. Remember a ceasefire agreement would bring a big relief to Syrian civilians who have been facing heavy bombings since the war has begun.

If an anti terror campaign is to be launched in the nation, it must be done under the UN flag. There are many advantages of that. First, it would be internationally legitimate. Second, nations won't be able to intrude their national interests in the fight against terror. Third, non aligned military giants like India who have till now been reluctant to join any of the international coalitions, would be very eager to join the UN coalition. Fourth, UN would become a more stronger organization through a successful operation.

Destroying any kind of arsenal of WMDs present in Syria. Reports claimed that the Syrian rebels used chemical weapons against the Syrian civilians. To prevent any such happenings in future, it is important that a proper UN investigation team is set up which is given full freedom to carry out its analysis, report where the arsenals of chemical weapons lie and the world powers immediately enforce a decision to destroy them

Cut any kind of oil routes passing through Syrian teritorry. The major source of income of IS has been it's oil. If we cut the oil routes, it will be a huge economic backlash on them.
Develop more ground forces than fighting through air bombings. At present, Syrian army seems to be the only “major" force fighting the IS militants on ground. That's why they were able to take back the historical city of Aleppo. If we are able to strengthen our ground forces, IS will be brought to its knees.
After the Syrian crisis has been resolved, a free and fair plebiscite under the UN supervision without any external intervention should be held. Syrians should be given the right to choose their leader. Of course, democracy has not very well suited in Middle East but the will of people shall and should dominate.

Nations like Israel and Turkey who have been reluctant to send their troupes to fight IS militants, should be actively involved in the fight against terror. Both the countries are the life of Middle East, if we leave out Saudi Arabia. Without any sort of national interests, Israel, like it has acted against Hamas, must also act against IS.
The Syrian civil war is very well connected to Iranian continous support to terror organizations like Hezbollah. True that Hezbollah is helping the Syrian army to fight IS on ground but terrorism is not a solution to terrorism. No differentiation bw good or bad terrorists should be made.

The only way to defeat an enemy is to undercut it's ideology. The major sponsors of radical thoughts continue to be nations in the Arab world like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar. Their export of radical Islamic complexes has resulted in the ideology of IS getting stronger day by day. World powers must ensure, these parties must be kept OUT of Syrian conflict because their presence creates a suitable and safe haven for terrorists
Sectarian conflict should be immediately resolved. One of the reasons of the escalation of Syrian crisis was the age old Shia - Sunni conflict. If possible, states must organize awareness camps in Syrian teritorry educating the general public about benefits of unity and the consequences they have to face due to the conflict. If both the communities unite, it will be very easy for the crisis to get resolved.

Take example from your neighborhood. A perfect example of resolving a civil war is Lebanon which lies in neighborhood of Syria. A peace accord was signed there with a new system of govt arising in, that benefitted all the legitimate parties involved in the long run. A similar case must be of Syria.

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