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Farooq Shah

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The Rohingya muslims who have lived in the south west region of Myanmar (Burma) for centuries have no Burmese statehood as they have always been denied their rights. Often they are victimized, massacred, raped, murdered, persecuted and pushed out of their own hearths and homes. In the last two months the worst of the unseen and unheard mass slaughter of these innocent people occurred by the Burmese Buddhist majority aided by monks and the military. These desperate people are helpless and have no where to go except being pushed out to the Bay of Bengal or across the border to Bangladesh which itself because of its limited land mass and poverty ridden infrastructure is not allowing these hapless people to even come in as refugees.
The problem lies in Myanmar where these poor helpless people are being ethnically cleaned with the world turning a blind eye.
For the sake of humanity without thinking of any political or economic gain, the UN and the whole civilized world must STOP the brutal slaughter immediately. Please in the name of humanity if we are to call ourselves human beings take URGENT action so that this atrocity never happens again, as it has occurred before and initiative should be taken so that these people are given equal rights as citizens of Myanmar where they can live with dignity, respect and peace. Let the world conscience speak out urgently. Please save these desperate people who are sandwiched between the sea and the land where they are being exterminated. Various links would testify of these gruesome murders and the graphic images are hard to look at.
We cannot remain silent with a presumed notion that these inhumane atrocities of such magnitude are not taking place in the Rakhine state of Myanmar for the world not to take notice and act for a permanent solution URGENTLY.


Farooq Shah ( Sociologist, Humanity believer and lover)

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