Petition Closed


A blockade by the rebels in government held areas has greatly increased the trauma to the citizens in western part of the city and has significantly escalated the famine there. There is no more food or water for the majority of the estimated over 1.5 million people caught in this conflict. Basic medicines and supplies are also gone. Attention needs to be focused upon the daily lives of the citizens, not the politics nor media hyperbole nor history of the conflict.  A major effort to address this situation must be undertaken for the people trying to survive without the very basic necessities of life. The attention of the world needs to be upon those still alive and suffering daily from the war, not on the media and government numbers games at estimating fatalities.

As of July 17 there was confirmation that supply trucks have once again been allowed into the city but it must be pointed out that the provisions of 100 supply trucks will not go far in the distribution to the great number in need.  I am calling for the permanent end to the blockade as it is a war crime against the citizens of Aleppo.  Food not bombs.  Medicine, not bullets.  Just simple compassion to those in need.



Letter to
Texas State Senate
First Secretary Ms. Zoubida Ziani
Deputy Head of Mission Mr Abdel Hakim El Rifai
and 10 others
Head of Liason Office Ambassador Lahebib Adami
World Food Program Ms. Krystyna Bednarska
UNHRC Mr. Vincent Cochetel, Director
Family Dept Director
Woman Unit Director
Arab Peace & Security Council Director
Secretary General Dr. Nabil El Araby
Human Right Dept. Arab League Director
Senator John McCain
ICRC Delegation Mr MOECKLI Olivier, Director
Stop the Blockade in Aleppo