Establish a no-fly zone over Northern Syria, Rojava now!

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The world must stop Turkey’s brutal war against the millions of people who are at risk of fleeing. Let us not turn our backs against the Kurdish people once again. The United Nations most establish a no-fly zone over Rojava now!

A no-fly zone would be the most efficient and immediate measure to save civilian lives and stop a humanitarian disaster. It would force Turkey to withdraw from the Syrian border and stop their shelling of bombs and war crimes.

A no-fly zone was previously set up in Iraqi Kurdistan 1991-2002 to protect the Kurds from the Saddam Hussein regime. That decision saved millions of Kurdish lives and enabled them to stay in their homes and not become refugees.


Turkey's invasion of Rojava is causing mass flight and civilian causalities. At the time of writing Turkish bombardments and ground attacks have caused over 130,000 innocent people to flee.

Aid organisations on the ground are warning that the war could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The invasion of Turkey has one main goal. To wipe out Rojava. Turkey is air-bombing cities and villages with civilians as victims. Now the Kurdish led SDF-alliance, that helped the world fight ISIS, is appealing to the world to set up a no-fly zone to save lives.

We cannot allow Turkey to repeat what it did to Kobani and Afrin, when a brutal demographic change was implemented. Kurdish people were expelled from their own homes and outsiders were brought in.

Mass flight, ethnic cleansing and genocide awaits Rojava.

We urge the UN to set up a no-fly zone over Rojava immediately!