The concrete industry is killing our planet. We need to stop this. Now.

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The Concrete Generation Initiative was formed in 2020 after learning the terrifying facts about how the concrete industry is ruining and poisoning our planet, ending thousands of human lives each year. 8% of global CO2 emissions come from concrete – over three times more than emissions from the aviation industry.

Over the next 80 years, we will need to build 2 billion homes to meet the demands of global urbanization. Urban areas make up around 3 percent of the world’s area but cause 70% of CO2 emissions. If we don’t start building in a more climate-conscious way, using more sustainable materials such as timber instead of concrete, the world’s beaches will disappear, the animal kingdom will be threatened and whole ecosystems will be destroyed.
We want to see change in three ways:
1.   We want to create more awareness around the concrete industries Co2 emissions, and make people aware about the concrete industry’s ways of destroying our planet.

2.    That the UN implements a detailed point to Sustainable Development Goal 11, that clearly states that more sustainable materials such as timber should be used instead of concrete.

3.    That taxing the concrete industry to create incentive to use more sustainable materials becomes a political priority.