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Stop Deforestation

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Name: Gabriel  Asper

Topic: Deforestation

Please help me stop deforestation today.  Deforestation is clearing the earth forests on a massive scale.  About half of the world's tropical forests have been cleared.  In one hundred years if deforestation continues, at this rate, all rainforests will be gone.

        Agriculture  contributes to deforestation.  Farmers cut forests in a process called slash and burn, to make room for livestock and crops. Farmers cut down trees and leave animals nowhere to hide from predators. Deforestation for agriculture endangers animal habitat causing a loss of species

 Deforestation also contributes to climate change.  When trees are cut down they release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas which causes climate change. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which humans need.  Changing the climate puts humans in danger

 Deforestation causes soil erosion which can cause flooding and landslides issues. Tree roots anchor the soil, without them soil can wash and blow away.  A third of the world’s arable land is gone due to erosion. Planting shallow rooted crops can lead to more erosion.

Please help stop deforestation today. Here are a few ways to help: eliminate clear cutting, plant trees, rebuild wildlife habitats and don’t develop the rainforests for humans to use.  Use less water and less energy, so we need to cut down less trees. Go to and sign my stop deforestation petition today.   




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