Replace plastic containers of everyday-essentials with reusable ones

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Big companies across the globe produce huge amount of plastic everyday. From shampoo bottles to detergents, the containers are mostly made of plastic which aren’t used again by the people. Instead, the containers are thrown and new ones are bought. This adds to the plastic accumulation significantly. If the world takes a stand, instead of plastic containers, the companies might start investing and selling reusable and good quality containers instead of investing billions of dollars on packaging. Also, if those companies provide facilities to re-fill those containers if presented in front of them, there won’t be any involvement of plastic pouches as refills. This idea has the potential to considerably reduce plastic consumption and accumulation, if each and every nation takes an initiative in this venture. It is time to take a stand! If you think this is a solid solution, please support this cause. Each and every person’s involvement is essential.