Plant 1 Trillion Trees and Pass the Climate Deal!

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For too long, our planet has been compromised for profits. As a human, I am worried about my future and what is in store for us on this Earth. The crisis of our time is not just wealth inequality or corporate greed; it is deforestation. Deforestation is not only a national crisis but an international one. Politicians and world leaders continue to ignore the dangerous effects of cutting trees at horrendous levels, but now is a time for a change.

Why is this important?

Humans cut down a forest the size of a football field every second. 80,000 acres of forest disappear from Earth every day. These facts are scary but are also very true. In 100 years, all of the world's rainforests could disappear if we continue our cruel methods. 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihoods. Many animals could likely go extinct if the rainforests are eliminated. These animals include harpy eagles, gorillas, pumas, geckos and many more.

This is a dilemma that must be solved NOW. This is no longer a question about if, but it is a question about when. The generation that we leave behind to our children should be prosperous and green. We no longer have time to wait around for our leaders to act. If we lose this fight, it not only means the loss of many animal species or beautiful sights, but it means the end of a green life as we know it today. 

What can we do to stop this?

Help pass the Climate Deal! The Climate Deal is the plan that will help take the first step to end Climate Change. The Climate Deal is a 4-point plan to minimize the disastrous effects of climate change. 

Plant 1 trillion trees-  Trees are an effective and cheap way to slow down climate change. Trees store carbon dioxide which is essential for boosting climate change. Although 1 trillion seems like a lot, our planet fosters 3 trillion trees, which could vanish completely in the next 100 years. 

End fossil fuel subsidies- Fossil fuel and oil companies do not need subsidies when they sit on top of their giant profits. Fossil fuel and oil companies do not tax-payer finder subsidies while our planet is being harmed. Companies that harm the planet should not receive any more government assistance. The United States should be subsidizing large fossil fuel corporations who sit on millions of dollars of profit while ignoring the mom and pop businesses that are struggling to get through.

Promote clean energy- Invest in clean energy projects in solar and wind energy in the world. Solar and wind energy are the 21st-century energy providers. Renewable energy and renewable energy jobs must be promoted in order to have a successful climate takeover. The days of oil and coal are coming to an end, although oil and coal can provide fast charges of energy, they are not what we need for the future. The United States should start a clean energy initiative that incentivizes people to get clean energy jobs and cars through tax credits and deductions.

Deny political donations from fossil fuel companies- American politicians are now owned by special interest groups and lobbyists that destroy our democracy and our country every day we ignore them. According to, since 1990, politicians have accepted from both parties have accepted $313,771,283 from fossil fuel companies. Companies like Koch Industries, Chevron Corporation, BP, and Exxon Mobil spend millions of dollars every year on lobbyists and political donations to undermine our democracy and our environment.

Why should we care?

The trees can not speak for themselves. Stand up now and be their voice. Lawmakers and politicians will take action if you speak up for our trees!

Join me to fight our country's representatives and help take a step into making the world a greener place!

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