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Mankind stands up to Climate Change with a % of the growth domestic product (GDP )

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The goal is to have 2000 million people globally to sign this.

Climate Change presents a challenge to mankind as a whole. Countries need to act now to mitigate it and to reduce the impact society overall has on the environment. If society steps up and speaks up, we could get countries to invest up to 10% of their GDP on climate change policies and actions.

Switching from fossil fuels to low-carbon sources of energy will cost $44 trillion between now and 2050 (International Energy Agency). The switch to low-carbon technologies will bring huge savings from reduced fossil-fuel consumption. The costs of switching will be paid for in fuel savings between now and 2050. Global GDP in 2015 was 74292 trillion (World Bank). The math is not that complicated but not that simple either.

Accepting this challenge means prioritizing our future and survival. It means redirecting efforts and resources to one end and one end only: giving our youth the opportunity to prosper, as we did. Failing to do so will force future generations to live in a dystopic society with variables beyond our control. The question remains, how much do you value a future for your offspring? You can make a world of difference by signing up for a different world.

If countries commit to invest up to 10% of their national GDP on climate change we actually have a chance. % of GDP is to be defined by % of total of Global Emissions. Countries can reduce their contribution by reducing their emissions (causing other countries' % of GDP investments on Climate Change to increase).

There is ground for huge growth for mankind while following a sustainable development approach. Vote now if you want to be a part of it.  This is an opportunity to feel proud about ourselves and our legacy. This picture represents our current scenario: We are gambling our future.

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