Implement the world lock down every Sunday to heal our planet.

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In amidst of the Corona virus epidemic all over the world, many affected regions went in lockdown state. This includes restricted means of transport by rail, air and others, shutdown of workplaces including industries and people staying and working from home.

I stay in the city of Bangalore, India. Bangalore deals with the huge pollution crisis and traffic everyday similar to other metropolitan cities in India. 

But on 22nd March, 2020, I saw a difference. My house is located very near to one of the busiest traffic signal in Bangalore, where its chaotic 24/7. But that day when I woke up, half-asleep, I seriously thought that I was transported somewhere in the hilltops. It was that quiet. I jumped and saw out of my window, and it was utter peace, not even a single human skeleton on the road. I could hear the birds chirping. I could see the clear sky. Next day I read the news that the pollution level on that day were drastically reduced by 80%. 

I hope till now, you quite might have an idea, what I'm selling here. I'm selling the idea to crowdfund the humanity from every single human being on this planet to heal the mother earth. It would be great if we can follow such lockdown every Sunday in our respective countries and make this world a better place.