Green Dot System: An Innovative World of Recycling

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Montalban, Rizal or also known as Rodriguez, Rizal has an ineffective waste management. The problem on the solid waste management is evident in the said town. As your eyes roam the area, it is unlikely to find a clean place. All of which is infested with a variety kinds of waste. May it be a biodegradable or non-biodegradable waste products. Also the town has an unorganized waste collection scheme. Waste collection is only done once a week, specifically on a Monday. Not only that, waste segregation is not a priority in Montalban, Rizal. It is ironic to think that Montalban, Rizal is not utilizing its privilege in effective waste disposal with its neighbor, Payatas, Quezon City, which is the landfill of most solid waste coming from Metro Manila. It is inevitable to think that maybe in time, Montalban, Rizal will become an extended landfill of Payatas, Quezon City. This proves the statement of Castillo and Otoman (2013) in a study that reduction, reuse and recycling system is not effective and efficient in attaining a clean environment.

With Green Dot System in place, it will be a win-win situation for everyone. The waste product returned to the companies can be recycled by them and help them save some cost. At the same time, this will help save our environment from these kind of wastes. Aside from the above mentioned reason, having this implemented will start a big change not  only on how we manage our waste. Companies will now start changing how they manufacture their product containers as it will be returned to them to be recycled and consumers will also now be on the lookout for these types of products. As a consumer, it will be good to know that once you purchase a product, you can enjoy it without worrying on how to dispose the waste after or if it will just pile up to one of the biggest problem that we are facing today.

What happens on the Green Dot System?

  1. Look for the Green Dot label on every packaging that you will buy.
  2. The Green Dot represents that this packaging is subject for reprocessing once you have disposed it.
  3. It is required to have a separate trash bins for the Green Dot packaging so that segregation and delivery of the used packaging will be easier.
  4. These packaging are reduced to its simplest forms. For example, papers are turned into strips, glasses are pounded to its powdery form, plastics are melted back to its original state and much more. So rest assured that these products, (though they are reprocessed) are clean and good as new.

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