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Sepik River people in Papua New Guinea have depended on Fishing as means of survival for many generations and their survival is being threatened with the imminent opening of the Frieda Gold and Copper Mine along the Hunstein Range. The mine is to be operated by a Chinese Mining Company. It is now clear Chinese Miners don't seem to care about the Environment and its people. A Chinese company has operated  nickel chromium mine in neighboring Madang  Province and complaints against them concerning spills of red substance has fallen on deaf ears 

This Campaign is calling  for 20,000 signatures to stop the Frieda mine from being developed because mine tailings will serverely affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of Sepik people who depend on it for Survival.

Instead of targeting the mine development, vast agriculture potential of the Sepik Plains should be developed instead which will bring enormous long term sustainable  development to both East and West Sepik Provinces. The current Governor of East Sepik Mr Allan Bird has successfully secured an European Grant of K340 million which should be used to develop the Sepik Provinces.

This Campaign seeks the support of supportive individuals to sign up to oppose the opening of Frieda Mine.