Ban Lightweight Shopping Bags

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I am starting this petition to try to ban lightweight shopping bags faster. They are used on average for 12 minutes and take 1000 years to breakdown. These bags contribute to heavy volumes of various types of global pollution. The most concerning is leeching into water systems and causing hormonal disruptions in humans and also ending up in the ocean killing marine life.

I know I am guilty of using these bags throughout my life and I think of the negative impact that just I, myself, have caused using these. I alone have caused major volumes of plastic waste. Let's make these disappear from our grocery stores, shopping centers as this is an easy way to cut huge amounts of plastic that are needlessly produced and used by society each day.  

If you believe it is taking to long for a ban on single use plastic bags in your community please sign!

And remember, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world." -Gandhi