Ask PMC Commissioner to protect all 'NATURAL SPRINGS' by forming and enacting a POLICY

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Jal Devta Seva Abhiyan
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Maharashtra is under the stress of a severe drought and the water in Pune’s dams has dropped down to alarming levels.

A NATURAL WATER SPRING” ,also known as BAVDHAN ODHA in the vicinity of a stream in front of Vaidehi Enclave Society, Bavdhan Khurd, Pune has been discovered and efforts are being made to save it.

WHY to save this spring?
1) It releases over 1.5 lakh litres of fresh potable water everyday.
2) IF SAVED, it can quench the thirst of more than 20,000 people per day. It will reduce the drinking water supply burden of Pune Municipal Corporation.
3) LARGEST spring that feeds the river RAMNADI to keep it flowing. (ACWADAM report)
4) If protected, it will continue to provide water for future generations.

Current problems to save spring -
1) The area of spring and water body has been marked as a RESIDENTIAL ZONE in the Development Plan, so it is under threat from heavy construction.
2) A BOREWELL is drawing water from this spring's water channel in the adjacent plot. As s result the spring's flow has reduced from 2.5 lakh litres/day to 1.5 lakh litres/day in just one year.

Shailendra Patel of Jal-devta Seva Abhiyaan has been fighting to save the spring since May 2017.
1) The spring water is safe for drinking, says Groundwater Surveys and Development Agency (GSDA) report.
2) Our organization has written over 70 letters to the CMO, Water authorities like GSDA, MWRRA, Divisional Commissioner, Collector, PMC - Commissioner, Mayor and Engineers to save this spring.
3) Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) visited the spring site.
4) MWRRA has sent a letter to SDO, Mulshi-Maval to notify it as a natural water source and accordingly give notification to Pune Municipal Commissioner to save this spring as per MWRRA/ GSDA guidelines in report.

To keep this Spring ALIVE – Actions must be taken as per recommendations of GSDA & MWRRA only.

“The spring and its water body is to be Mapped, Reserved, Preserved and if it is a private property Acquisition of land is to be done legally.”

But till TODAY no government official has taken any action or communicated with our organization (except MWRRA and GSDA).

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Ask the Commissioner to notify the spring as drinking water source as per Maharashtra Groundwater Act 2009, Section-20,21 and acquire the land to protect our natural heritage!

'An appeal to Government of India to create 1st example in world to SAVE natural water SPRINGS by making a POLICY to Map, Reserve, Preserve and if it is a private property Acquisition of land done legally.'