Action for: MEKONG DELTA(VIETNAM) crisis in severe drought and salinity

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The Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s biggest granary, home to a widespread network of rivers and canals, has been threatened by the rising level of salt water flowing into rice fields and farms.

China has built A LOTS OF BIG dams along its upper stretch of MEKONG river, China now has the power to completely stop the flow of water to downstream nations, specially is Vietnam, a pressure point that could be used to devastate their agricultural economies and can kill a lots of people here.

Beside that, climate change has become more serious and its adverse impacts can be seen now in the region, not just in forecasts as before.

Many areas have no fresh water, and saline water has increased amid the rainy season. Other areas have experienced land subsidence along the banks of rivers.

All of the above is causing a very dangerous drought for the Mekong Delta, rivers that are flooded by salt water cannot develop agriculture, seriously lack of fresh water ... the prospect is very bad for Mekong Delta region. This situation will continue to increase and become more and more serious because China has complete control of the water source of the Mekong river from upstream.

The sign will support people in Mekong Delta sent to UNEP the warning and must take an action to help Vientam to protect Mekong Delta river where millions people are living there. 
Link for your information under:,-salinity-force-five-provinces-to-declare-a-state-of-emergency-49494.html

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