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Enforce laws against sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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The DRC is known as the "rape capital of the world," and for good reason. At least 2 in 5 women in the DRC experience rape, and 1 in 4 men have been raped as well. Here's the worst part.. 65% of all rape victims in the DRC are children, usually adolescent girls. 10% of the child victims were under 10 years old. Rape has gotten to the point where it is an accepted part of the lifestyle in the DRC. One member of the militia was quoted as saying “If we see girls, it’s our right…we can violate them.”
On top of all of this, marital rape is not considered a crime in the DRC. 31% of women have reported domestic violence, and the actual number is likely much higher as most women do not want to be shunned by their communities. People are sometimes captured and used as sex slaves for up to months at a time, both men and women. Of the thousands of rape accusations, it's rare that anything is done about it; usually only the women belonging to already rich families get any progress with their cases.
Most rape is used in the conflict as a weapon of war to shatter communities and destroy the morale and spirit of the people. Because it is used as a weapon of war, it is the United Nation's responsibility to put a stop to it; their job is to keep the peace and keep innocents safe. Rape of the Congolese people should be treated the same as any war crime, and it needs to be stopped, not accepted as part of the country's lifestyle. Help raise awareness about sexual violence in the DRC, and maybe we can do something to stop it. It only takes a minute of your time to sign this petition and it could help save lives.

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