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End the production of nuclear weapons before we're all dead.

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Nuclear weapons can do great damage to our planet. Just one "small nuke" can do massive damage, for example Hiroshima in 1945. It left an entire city in ruins and left massive radioactive poisoning for people nearby the explosion. Above is an image of  Hiroshima after it was bombed. Moving to the present there are increasing nuclear threats. For example Kim Jong Un (the dictator of North Korea) has threatened the United States and there is high tension for nuclear war. 

Since the nuclear tension is so high, we have decided to start a petition. We want to make it very difficult to create weapons of mass destruction. One of the rules of building a nuclear weapon could be that the country would HAVE to check with every other country in the UN in a meeting before creating the nuke(s).

Sign this petition to save us all from ultimate doom. 

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