End the practice of family separation!

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Mike Gallagher
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There are 8 million children living in orphanages globally, and around 100 million on the streets and ​80% of these children have living, loving, biological families.

After the AIDS epidemic people tried to solve the orphan crisis. So, orphanages were created to care for children who had lost their parents. Over time, orphanages began attracting families in need of resources for their children. Despite the good intention, this model of care became a temporary solution that created greater problems.

Orphanages filled up, which forced kids to the streets. Cases of trauma, crime, and suicide increased as kids grew into adults.

Over time we have learned that even the resources provided by institutional care fall short of what a child really needs developmentally.

Children need a family.

About a decade ago a few trail-blazing leaders in Kenya recognized this and started converting their orphanage models to one of family reunification resulting in thousands of reunifications to date.

Once an orphanage converts, even more children can be rescued, rehabilitated and reunified with their family. And this approach costs as little as 1/10 of what requires to care for a child in an orphanage.

With this model of proven success, we’re replicating and scaling across the globe, in an effort to convert 5,000 orphanages, effectively getting 1 million children home.

Visit ​1MILLIONHOME.com to learn more. Because, 1 million begins with 1 more.

This is the pledge we are making by signing this petition:

I commit to the following practices that support family reunification and prevent the separation of children from their parents.

1.) I will not give to the building of more orphanages and instead will give to efforts that strengthen families and communities.

2.) I will not engage in “voluntourism” of orphanages.  If I travel overseas to help children, I will support reputable organizations engaged in family strengthening and child reintegration work.

3.) I commit to helping children return to PERMANENT families and will not support temporary solutions that lack efforts to find permanent families for kids.

4.) If I sponsor a child, I will ensure that child is able to remain at home while being sponsored.

Standing with you,