Independence for Puerto Rico

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Since 1898 The United States has had control of Puerto Rico after illegally attacking the island after Spain had given Puerto Rico is separation from Spain. 3 months into PR running its own independent and sovereign country the US Attacked the island by invading the shores of San Juan in April 1898. 

in 1917 during WWI, Puerto Ricans were given American citizenship in order to fight for the US. Since American takeover on the island, the supreme ruler was a general of the US army or a very wealthy American who had business interest on the island. Fast forward to 1952, Luis Munoz Marin is elected as the first ever Puerto Rican governor that is a native Puerto Rican.

Corruption on the island has always been an issue on the island. The politicians on the island do not care about the citizens, their only interest is fattening their pockets. Outrageous salaries, government contracts to companies or individuals who don't merit such contracts.  The Jones Act prohibits the island from importing and exporting to any other country besides the US. Any export goods have to be sold to the US at a profitable price to then buy it back at 10x the price in order to feed the people on the island. False promises, endless corruption and unwise spending of government funds.

We are now in 2018, Hurricane Maria hit the island with devastating winds and such force that it has paralyzed the island, devastated homes and businesses and what has the government done for the people besides stealing the help that was sent over, making more false promises, a federal government that has abandoned the people of Puerto Rico during a time when they desperately need all the help they can receive. 

Government funds have stopped going to the island. FEMA took advantage that most people fled to the US to escape the horrors of Maria have denied their applications for help.Now we have vultures waiting for everyone to exile the island so they can come in and fully take control of the island for themselves. 

This must not be allowed!!!!! It is time that the American and Puerto Rican government stopped lying to the people of Puerto Rico and finally let us go from the tyrannous rule of the United States. We no longer want to be kept hostage by American rule. Puerto Rico can sustain itself without the help of the US. a plan is set to fix the problems of the island and how the new government would function. 

Now is the time that we finally make Puerto Rico La Isla del Encanto and make our independent forefathers proud.

Yo quiero que mi Borinquen sea libre y soberana


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