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Tanker explosion has become a normal thing in Nigeria,most especially in Lagos state,people lose their lives and properties for no just cause, but we have to do something about it because it’s taking lives a lot, most people are of the opinion that Tankers should be allowed to drive from evening onwards but same thing has happened in the evening in Lagos state,thereby, Tanker drivers are at risk of only moving at night because they are humans,they have families,these people get attacked in the night,some of them tend to lose their life in the process plus we still have people that travel at night so am not in support of the Tanker drivers,driving at night but betterstill they should be given a different route,I also think that the government should create another body that will be in charge of checking lorries to avoid risking people’s life.

I also believe that we shouldn’t only blame the Tanker drivers because most of these accidents are caused by the danfo bus drivers,according to an eye witness to the incident on the 28th of June and I have also been in bus,whereby the bus driver deviated his route to BRT route in Lagos because he heard there was traffic....please let’s caution the bus drivers to know how to make proper use of their route to avoid more accidents. The body that i just mentioned earlier can also be incharge of it.

please let us speak for everyone including the Tank drivers ...please sign up


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