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Develop the technology to make Donald Trump pregnant like in the film 'Junior'.

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Since his inauguration this year, Donald Trump has continued to anger and divide a wide variety of people.  

For me, two things in particular have stood out;

1. His life-long and continuous disrespect of women and women's rights. The list of (alleged) terrible things he has done and said in regards to that subject would be enough for a book or two, and there probably is some out there on the matter.

2. His mean comments towards Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr Olympia, Governor of California and Colonel John Matrix from Commando. You'd think being President would mean he'd have no time for such frivolities.

Here is what I propose, that those of you in the United Nations, the scientific community and Mr Trump himself, can all come together to develop the technology so that we can make Donald Trump pregnant like in the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy, Junior, directed by Ivan Reitman. I feel that if we can all come together and make this happen, he can start to understand just an inkling of what women go through and can help changes his wicked ways. On top of that, he can then relate to Arnold's struggle in that film and stop disrespecting Conan the Barbarian like that. Finally, making Donald Trump become a mother may give him a kick up the backside and help mother the world and not pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

I'm really not asking much, and I ask you all to please help and spread this message and make the world a better place and get Donald Trump pregnant. What do you say?

Many thanks and love to you all,

Lee Markham xoxo 

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