Denial of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia - Humanitarian, Immigration & CoVID 19 DISASTER!!!

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We the undersigned petitioners would like to bring to your attention, the serious situation of closing the Hitsats Eritrean refugee camp in Tigray. The Ethiopian government has decided to relocate the 13,000 refugees living in Hitsats camp to other crowded two refugee camps. The reason provided is to consolidate as a result of 14 % budget cuts by the UNHCR.

As Ann Encontre, UNHCRs representative in Ethiopia noted “ moving the refugees to the other camps would “ definitely” make them more vulnerable to covid 19. Encontre added that there are concerns that the other two camps are almost  full and lack the infrastructure needed to cope with new arrivals, including sub-standard access to water , sanitation as well as medical health services. She said that human rights watch is voicing concerns about mistreatment of refugees in the area.

Therefore, we respectfully demand: 

1, The UNHCR to support Ethiopia with an adequate budget and other needed materials to accept and take care of the refugees appropriately. We believe that the flow of refugees will continue and the budget needed can not be met by the Ethiopian government.

2, The Ethiopian Government to keep receiving the Eritrean refugees. Keep the refugee camps open and improve the living conditions of the refugees. Respect human rights and address the concerns of the human rights watch and UNHCR officials.

3, To stop the relocation of refugees to the other camps in order to prevent the risk of exposure to Covid 19.

Thank you so much