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Neda Kadri
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Please sign this petition to protect vulnerable refugees who were attacked and no longer feel safe to stay in Moria Camp, Lesvos, Greece.

We are demanding that the vulnerable population are protected, afforded safety and their cases are reviewed individually. We want to protect their rights as refugees, and their basic human rights.

We are demanding that a FULL INVESTIGATION into the allegations of extreme violence and any attempt to cover up the heinous crimes committed be conducted. We also demand that the authorities take ALL the necessary measures to prevent these crimes from happening again.

We are demanding that the UNHCR protect the basic rights of refugees rather than be used as a tool to deny them their human rights in an attempt to force them to move back to the camp and live with the very attackers that faced no legal justice.

We are demanding that EASO protect the victims rights to have their asylum cases heard in a safe environment without fear of intimidation from their attackers. 

We are demanding that the Greek government ease pressure on small grassroots organizations like ours that are only trying to protect a vulnerable population and keep them safe.

Background: On the morning of May 25th a fight broke out between a small group of Arab & Kurdish men... The conflict quickly escalated and the events that followed can only be described as horrific. Families were attacked in their tents and caravans by masked men wielding metal pipes, knives, and other makeshift weapons. They did not discriminate - old men, women and children were all attacked.

On the morning of May 26th, ALL Kurdish (Yazidi, Christian, and other persecuted minorities) families left Moria en masse as they no longer felt safe remaining in the camp after they were threatened to be "finished off" by the very people that attacked them and NO ARRESTS were made. (Rather, arrests were made but the criminals were later released although the victims had identified them)

Vulnerable refugees who’ve seen unimaginable events in their home land, were left displaced and homeless once again. (Many of them are recent arrivals)

Authorities asked the #HouseOfHumanity to temporarily house 368 souls out of the approximate 1200 that fled. Within 3 days this number had increased to 660.

Fast forward to today 24th June, there are 138 of the most vulnerable cases left at the #HouseOfHumanity and because of the direct security threat, they do not feel safe enough to go back to Moria.

Pressure is being placed on the team at the #HouseOfHumanity to evict them to force them back to Moria. There are threats on the refugees to have their funding withdrawn and in some cases there have been threats to their asylum cases if they do not return to the camp.

Families including women, children and the elderly do not want to put their lives at risk. They have all expressed that they would rather be deported back to their war-torn countries than go back to the camp because the level of violence they saw.

They just want to live somewhere where they feel safe, so they can start to heal.

Videos from the attack from within the camp can be found on the following post (mildly graphic):