Demand responsibility from UN and EU to protect minorities in Pakistan

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Summary: Religious minorities in Pakistan continue to face grave persecution. The ongoing human rights violations need to cease immediately in order to ensure that religious minorities are not completely wiped out from Pakistan. Sign this petition to demand action from the United Nations and European Union to protect religious minorities in Pakistan! 

Personal story: Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) focuses specifically on promoting and protecting human rights in South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.) GHRD places emphasis on those areas and populations of the world where severe and extensive human rights violations have continued unabated over long periods of time and where structural help and global attention of Governments and international institutions have failed to reach. 

The issue: This petition seeks to focus international attention on the plight of religious minorities in Pakistan. In particular, it demands the attention of the United Nations and the European Union to take decisive action, that is within their power, to protect and promote the human rights of minorities in Pakistan.

The percentage of religious minorities in Pakistan has reduced from 23% to a mere 3.7% of the total population. Religious minorities could be completely wiped out in Pakistan over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, the United Nations, European Union and the other international organizations have failed to take sufficient measures against Pakistan. There is a need for international organizations to play a greater role in Pakistan to prevent the minorities from being completely wiped out. 

Take action! Sign our petition to demand responsibility from UN and EU and protect the religious minorities in Pakistan. Join our cause and help raise awareness of persecution against religious minorities in Pakistan. If this petition doesn't win, the human rights situation concerning these minorities will not improve. Let's Start Now!