Demand a full and impartial investigation into the chemical weapons incident in Syria

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Certain Western media organisations, politicians and others are already accusing Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons on his people although, as yet, there is no evidence to support this as stated by the UN Security Council.

I am calling for a full and impartial investigation before any action is taken*, particularly further military action which I’m sure nobody wants except those who stand to benefit (e.g. those wishing to effect a regime change so they can run their pipelines through Syria, the arms industries, etc). After all, would a judge convict a person of a crime based purely on the allegations of another?! No – that would be absurd!

*Edit: Trump has already taken action, disregarding international law, and despite there being no evidence of Assad's involvement as yet. Nine civilians, including four innocent children, are reported to have lost their lives as a result of the US air strikes. Help stop any further action being taken until a full and impartial investigation has been carried out.

Did the Syrian air force really drop chemical weapons on their own people? What would this accomplish? Or, did they unknowingly bomb a rebel or IS chemical weapons facility? Could it have been a rebel attack? Was it IS, or perhaps some other entity? Let the evidence reveal the truth. Those who are suffering or have lost their loved ones deserve to know the truth.

Lastly, like most people, I do not want another war based on misinformation. Please remember Iraq and the non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

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